St. Luke's Medical Center

Online Registration for New Zealand Visa Applicants

This online registration form aims to reduce registration time by having most of the applicant's information ready upon arrival at the registration area. Pre-registered applicants should only need to have their biometrics captured upon arrival at the reception area.


  1. Before accomplishing this form, please know your VISA CATEGORY, Visa Subclass Name and Number, and the Lodgement Office where your visa application was filed. Temporary Visa Applicants must also know their Length of stay in New Zealand.
  2. Answer all applicable fields. For items that do not apply, please type 'Not Applicable'.
  3. Once all fields have been filled out, Click on the 'Preview' button. The next step will display a preview of all data entered.
  4. Review data for errors. Use the form to correct them as needed, click 'Preview', to preview data to be submitted.
  5. If all data are correct, click on the 'Register' button to submit your registration.

Your registration has not been submitted. Refer to the instructions found at the beginning of the registration form to complete your registration. This printout will not be honored when presented at SLEC.

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